Different Party Platters for Your Taste

party platter

We recently had a lot of fun creating party platters for a party at my home. We received many compliments about the beauty of the platters and in fact, they were very easy to create. There are many recommendations and tips on how to get excellent results on your occasion by making use of delicious party platters. Listed below are some of the most useful ideas about party platters that one could use to ensure a successful party.

The meat platters

This type of platter is the only one that can also be treated as a main platter for any party. It is mainly composed of meats, which include ham in thin slices, roast meat, and meat of turkey or chicken in lean slices. You can even do personalized look for your platters. For Example, try rolling these meats in a cigar-like design and push the toothpicks to get a more bite-sized look. Put them together in elegant and convenient appearance for your guests. Include some fresh fruit, nuts and sauces, for a more defined look and taste.

Fruit platters

Certainly, these platters are attractive mainly due to the radiant colors of fruits and vegetables. Fruit platters can be used as a healthy dessert or as a delicious appetizer before serving the main course. A common style in the preparation of this type of dishes is as simple as putting the lettuce as a base for freshly washed and cut fruits; place them with style, determined by your personal preference and design.

Sandwich Platters

Attract your guests and have them wait for your delicious and attractive sandwich platter, when it comes to this type of platter, you must have an ingenious creativity, to ensure that your dish can draw the attention of your guests, once again, the arrangement. Use different and contrasting colors, including green and red tomatoes, as fillings. It really is simple to dress up your party platters and make them as appealing to your eyes as they are to your tummy.