Fresh Salads

All our salads are delivered in free non-returnable glass bowls and hold approximately 10–15 portions. Only £18.75 per bowl including VAT.
No. Description
D125 Crunchy green celery, pineapple & Granny Smith apples in a light mayonnaise dressing
D126 Corn and chopped pepper salad in a light mayonnaise dressing
D127 Green salad with shredded iceberg lettuce, mixed leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & mustard & cress
D128 Chinese bean sprouts with mixed pepper strips, assorted olives, cucumber slices, & carrot strips in a vinaigrette dressing
D129 Savoury long grain rice, sweet salt-fried onions, corn kernels & peas with pepper niblets
D130 Yellow Basmati rice with turmeric, saffron, roasted split almonds, sultanas, mixed peppers & fried onions
D131 Legumoise with shredded white cabbage, onions, celery pieces, mixed pepper niblets, cucumber slices & kidney beans in a light vinaigrette dressing
D132 New baby potato salad with tiny potatoes cooked in their skins & tossed while warm in a light mustard seed mayonnaise dressing
D133 Traditional potato salad with cubed fresh potatoes, cucumber chunks & onions in a light mayonnaise dressing
D134 Swedish cucumber salad with pressed sweet and sour cucumber and shredded white cabbage in an olive oil & wine vinegar dressing
D135 Beanerie: three bean salad with tomatoes, red onions, olive oil & fresh herbs
D136 Greek-style Feta cheese salad with layers of shredded iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, small olives, Feta cheese & fresh coriander
D137 Coleslaw supreme with hand-shredded white cabbage, grated carrots, sultanas & chopped spring onions in a light mayonnaise
D138 Pasta salad with multicolour pasta twists with chopped spring onions in a tomato & mayonnaise dressing
D139 Pasta and Tuna salad with multicoloured pasta, small black olives, Tuna & tomato wedges in a tomato & mayonnaise dressing
D140 Couscous salad with fried onions, garlic, roasted red and green pepper pieces & sweet-corn kernels
D141 Russian salad with kidney beans & macedoine of vegetables in a light mayonnaise dressing
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