Mouth Watering Desserts

Many of our desserts are delivered in free non-returnable glass bowls (b) while others come in foil containers (f). The servings shown are intended as a guide only. Please note that the desserts may contain nuts.
No. Description Serves Cost
(inc VAT)
D150 Sliced oranges marinated in Grand Marnier & topped with caramelised orange peel (b) 10 £23.00
D151 Platter of fruit kebabs wooden skewers of fresh melon, strawberries, white & black grapes, kiwi & plums 25 £30.00
D152 Cappuccino fresh cream-filled profiteroles with rich chocolate sauce & decorated with whipped cream & strawberries (b) 10–15 £25.90
D153 Chocolate ripple continental-style baked cheesecake on a biscuit base with soured cream topping (on a gold board and boxed for transit) 12–18 £23.00
D154 Greek yoghurt, almond and honey continental-style baked cheesecake (on a gold board and boxed for transit) 12–18 £23.00
D155 Lemon soufflé Milanese with fresh lemon juice & zest with whipped cream, pistachios & shaved dark chocolate (b) 10–15 £23.00
D156 Pavlova with fruit & whipped cream on a foil platter either (A) kiwi & strawberry or (B) fruits of the forest 10–12 £24.20
D157 Tiramisu with real mascarpone, double cream, coffee & Marsala-soaked sponge (b) 12–18 £24.20
D158 Dutch apple pie with Bramley apples, lemon zest, sultanas & sweet short pastry brown sugar lattice top (f) 12–15 £21.80
D159 Caramelised roasted almond apple strudel in crispy strudel pastry (please specify cooked or ready-to-cook) 10–15 £23.00
D160 Fresh fruit platter with an attractive medley of fruits (whole or cut) 12–18 £17.85
D161 Double chocolate mousse with brandy, fresh cream & dark chocolate (b) 12–18 £19.50
D162 Fresh & colourful tropical fruit salad in a sugar-free orange juice dressing (b) 12–18 £16.50
D163 Bread & butter marmalade pudding: blackcurrants & Bramley apples add variety to a popular, traditional dish (f) 10–15 £17.50
D164 Fresh cream trifle with fruit & wine-soaked sponge (b) 10–18 £16.75
D165 Cheese-board: an interesting selection accompanied by biscuits, celery & grapes 15–20 £18.75
D166 Mini-patisserie selection with Danish whirls, almond twists, fresh cream assortment etc 1×30 £18.50
D167 Platter of luxury mince pies with brandy custard & fresh cream 1×25 £26.30
And you may find our Diposables Pack helpful. For only £15.00 it includes 25 small plates, 25 plastic forks, 25 plastic dessert spoons, 25 plastic knives, 25 plastic glasses, 25 serviettes, 3 white paper clothes and even 2 black rubbish bags for afterwards. Four Packs for only £50.00.
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