What Are The 5 Different Cuts of Wagyu Steak

Wagyu beef is bred and raised for 2 main reasons: exceptional texture and flavor. Most steaks have linings of fat in between the meat, but Wagyu is unique as the fat is integrated within the meat since the cows metabolize differently. And as a result, the marbling of the meat produces a buttery texture and robust flavor – which is why Wagyu beef is a highly coveted steak, especially to steak lovers.

And like any other beef, Wagyu also has different types of cuts which are best prepared in certain ways. So if you’re planning to cook a delicious Wagyu steak recipe for dinner, we recommend you to read further as we’ll talk about the 5 different cuts of Wagyu steak, highlight the characteristics of each cut, and share which recipes they are ideal for you and your family.


Wagyu Ribeye

This cut is one of the most popular cuts of Wagyu beef. A ribeye cut offers a perfect combination of flavor and leanness, making it an ideal steak cut for beginners who want to experience the unique taste of the meat.

Also, the meat cut has a tender marbling texture with the highest level of Umami and sweetness of all the types of Wagyu cuts, especially with the A5 variety (the highest quality of Wagyu beef)

Japanese Wagyu ribeye cut is recommended for cooking steak, sushi, sandwich, barbeque, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and hot pot.

Wagyu Striploin

wagyu flat iron

Wagyu striploin cut, also known as Wagyu sirloin, is known to be sweet and tender and has juicy marbling characteristics. Aside from that, it has this “melts in your mouth” quality that is very desirable to steak lovers. Likewise, it has a soft and rich meaty texture that will really invite you to grab another bite.

A striploin or sirloin cut of Wagyu is ideal for recipes like steak, sushi, sandwich, barbecue, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and hot pot (similar to the ribeye cut of Wagyu steak).

Wagyu Tenderloin

This type of cut is the leanest among all the Wagyu steak cuts. And the characteristics of the meat are flavorful with moderate fat and a balanced taste, which is why is it is considered as the “Queen OF Wagyu Steaks” because of its elegant and mellow taste.

Wagyu tenderloin is best used for roast beef, steak, and katsu recipes.

Wagyu Picanha

Also known as coulotte, this type of Wagyu cut features tender meat, flavorful fat, gorgeous marbling, and balanced sweetness that can captivate the hearts of novice and seasoned steak aficionados alike.

Wagyu picanha is recommended to be used for cooking steak because of its unique taste.

Wagyu Flat Iron

Last but not least, this type of Wagyu steak cut is the most expensive among all the steak cuts and also one of the rarest cuts as well. The flat iron variety still features the same admirable characteristics found in a Wagyu steak but only set at a higher price point since the cut is found somewhere at the neck part of the cattle where it is nearest to the shoulder.

Wagyu flat iron is perfect for steak grilling because of its near-perfect marbling. So if you’re planning to grill your steak dinner tonight, then this is the best choice for you.

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