Canapes & Cocktail Platters

We offer a wide variety of fabulous reception platters includingspicy (s), vegetarian (v) & platters which can be heated before serving (h).
No. Description Serves Cost
(inc VAT)
D1 Cocktail asparagus egg-glazed vol-au-vents (v h) 1×30 £9.70
D2 Cocktail mushroom egg-glazed vol-au-vents (v h) 1×30 £9.70
D3 Cocktail smoked salmon egg-glazed vol-au-vents (h) 1×30 £9.70
D4 Cocktail prawn & coriander egg-glazed vol-au-vents 1×30 £9.70
D5 Cocktail egg & spring onion vol-au-vents 1×30 £9.70
D6 Mild korma fresh chicken fillet pieces & a soured cream dip (h) 1×45 £23.35
D7 Tasty tandoori & onion fresh chicken pieces with a tzatziki dip (s h) 1×45 £23.35
D8 Luxury assortment of smoked salmon canapés — ideal with drinks 1×30 £29.10
D9 Groundhogs — garlic mushrooms in puff pastry (v h) 1×40 £20.85
D10 Whirlies — smoked salmon & cream cheese mini whirls 1×40 £22.00
D11 Thai chicken, coriander & ginger choux puffs (s h) 1×36 £17.50
D12 Mexican chilli & cheese savoury choux puffs (s v h) 1×36 £17.50
D13 Mozzarella & spinach goujons with herby tomato dip (v h) 1×40 £22.00
D15 Japanese-style assorted Sushi with a Soy Sin dip Platter £29.75
D16 Flaming wings — really spicy chicken wings & chilli dip (s h) 1×40 £19.95
D17 Sticky wings — marinated in honey & tomato with a mayo dip (h) 1×40 £19.95
D18 Cocktail Gefilte with a chrane dip (mini fishballs & hot dip) 1×50 £23.65
D19 Mini all veggie kebabs with a peanut satay dip (v h) 1×20 £22.20
D20 Fiery Parmesan & chilli puff pastry cheese straws (s v h) 1×50 £12.80
D21 Minitoms — scooped cherry tomatoes & hard-boiled eggs filled with garlic & herb cream cheese (v) Platter £22.10
D22 Nibbles — platter of salted pistachios, tortillas & olives (v) medium Platter £16.00
D23 Mini Thai puff pastry parcels filled with fresh chicken, ginger & lemon (h) 1×40 £23.20
D24 Mini broccoli & roasted red pepper puff pastry parcels (v h) 1×40 £23.20
D25 Mini Scottish smoked salmon & lemon puff pastry parcels (h) 1×40 £23.20
D28 Open tartlets with spinach, onion & roasted peppers on savory rice (v h) 1×20 £14.50
D29 Open tartlets with lime chicken, coconut & Basmati rice (v h) 1×20 £14.50
D30 Open tartlets with curried prawns on long grain rice (s h) 1×20 £14.50
D31 Pastry Moneybags — filo parcels with mushrooms, carrots & coriander (v h) 1×40 £23.50
D32 Goujon crunch — fresh chicken fillets coated in sesame & toasted breadcrumbs with a sweet mango chutney dip (h) 1×45 £23.35
D33 Celery boats with cream cheese & Danish blue cheese filling (v) 1×35 £16.00
D34 Drumsticks — salt & onion roasted on mixed leaves (h) 1×35 £29.75
D35 Drumsticks — honey roasted with onions on mixed leaves (h) 1×35 £29.75
D36 Dip platters (taramasalata, cheese & chives, salsa, tzatziki, houmous, guacamole) with vegetable crudités & tortillas — choose any two (v) Platter £16.25
D37 Olde England — mini Yorkshires topped with horseradish coated roast beef 1×30 £19.25
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